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This year, 2022, Jazz It Up is beginning a new journey with owner and director Miss Madi. Established in 2008, Jasmine and Chloe built a school that represented friendships, fun and family. Jazz It Up has achieved amazing results over the years and is a studio that has people talking, this year we are excited to continue with these amazing achievements and grow together .The studio offers classes in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, acro, hip hop, yoga, musical theatre, drama and combination classes for 18 months and up. Jazz It Up specializes in baby classes for little groovers from 18 months who are ready to make a move. The studio also competes in many local competitions.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES are also held at the studio and have become one of the shires favourite and affordable birthday party venues. Who wouldn’t love a fully equipped disco facility to celebrate their special day?!

Jazz It Up is a fun loving family run business where the joy of children’s smiling faces is what is most important. Dance is about enjoyment and Jazz It Up gives this along with a professional and creative attitude to dance and performance.


-3 fully equipped dance studios -Parent waiting room, with tv

-Birthday party room

-Fully qualified dance and acro teachers



Kindy Classes

Our 1 hour/2 hour Kindy Dance combo classes include jazz, ballet, tap, singing, tumbles and a whole lot of fun. This program is designed for the young movers and shakers in your households. Our Kindy class is the perfect way to introduce and develop skills that are essential for dance. All genres of dance teach preschoolers important developmental milestones like skipping, cross co- ordination and sequencing. Dance instills discipline, patience and creativity. It is important for young children to explore dance, and here at 'Jazz It Up Dance', it is the PERFECT place to EXPLORE their movement.

Each lesson involves SINGING time on the microphone. Our little divas and rock stars just love to take their turn on their microphone and sing. It’s very rewarding to see some of our shy students gradually gain confidence and sing individually on the microphone and introduce themselves to the class.  

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3yrs - 5yrs 

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Jazz It Up offers a wide range of after school classes that are just for fun! From boys only classes, to ballet and combination classes of Jazz, lyrical and acro!

REC Jazz and Lyrical Classes are the perfect introduction to dance, in a space where all the students are having fun and learning new skills dancing to their favourite pop songs! 

The combination classes are a great way for your child to try all different styles in the one class. Our classes are energetic and fun allowing girls and boys to learn the newest modern styles of dance.

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Jazz it up offers a competitive dance stream, 'Showgroup'! Showgroup offers students the opportunity to perform at eisteddfods held at a variety of locations throughout the school year.  

Showgroup is for students that want to take dancing more seriously and compete at local competitions. 



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